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All About Conditioners

Category: Cosmetic Published: 06 Jan, 2021

About Conditioner

Hair Conditioner - Hair conditioners nourish & replenish your hair to make them soft & shiny. When you condition your hair a layer is formed along the hair shaft that gives you shine & makes your hair manageable & easy to brush through.

What Is A Conditioner & What Does It Do?

A conditioner is a mask-like creamy product that is used to improve the texture of your hair. It hydrates & replenishes the hair to make it softer. It also reduces the friction between your strands of hair and makes it easier for you to brush it, post your hair wash.

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Every time you condition the hair, a layer is formed along your hair shaft, making it easier for you to manage and style it. Conditioner gives your hair its shine post a hair-wash.

How to Apply Hair Conditioner: 6 Steps

  1. Rinse out all your shampoo thoroughly in the shower.
  2. Every brand recommends a specific amount to be used. Use the recommended amount that is given on the bottle.
  3. Don't apply conditioner on your scalp. Start applying the product from the shaft all the way down to the edges.
  4. Use a wide-tooth comb or your fingers and run them all the way down through your hair.
  5. Leave the conditioner on for 1-2 minutes.
  6. Rinse off completely. Don't leave any product on.

How Long Should You Leave Your Conditioner On For?

Leave the conditioner for 2-3 minutes if you are using a rinse-off conditioner. For a better idea read the instructions given on the bottle of your conditioner. Some conditioners may take longer to get completely absorbed into your hair.

How many conditioners should You Use?

Different brands recommend different quantities to be used. The amount of conditioner you use largely depends upon the thickness and length of your hair. Make sure that you don't miss out on any part of your hair, chin-down.

Types of Conditioners

Rinse-out conditioners : This conditioner is commonly used by people on regular basis. Rinse-out conditioners are applied to damp hair. The product is left on for a few minutes, following which it is rinsed off thoroughly.

Purpose:: These conditioners help you achieve hair that can be easily managed & appears softer & more lustrous than it is. Rinse-out conditioners protect your hair cuticles from damage caused by heat as well.

Deep conditioners : These conditioners are packed with hydrating properties; these are used to treat dry and damaged hair. Deep conditioners are typically left on for about 30 and rinsed off thoroughly.

Purpose : Their aim is to hydrate & repair damaged hair. If you have normal or oily hair then don't use these as they can make your hair feel greasier and add weight to it.

Leave-in conditioners : Leave-in conditioners are lightweight & form a protective layer on your hair. These are used hair after showering and help in keeping your hair soft. They also detangle the hair easily, making it easier for you to style it.

Purpose: These conditioners work as moisturizers while protecting your hair from other aggressors as well.

Is Conditioning Necessary?

Look at it like this- shampoo cleans your scalp as the cleanser does for your face while the conditioner is a moisturizer. Conditioner is important to keep your hair hydrated and soft. It prevents dry, dull hair that is prone to breakage.

Choosing the right conditioner for hair type is important. Your hair care products should suit your hair in order to strengthen it and improve its texture in the long-run.

Choosing the right conditioner for your hair

While choosing a conditioner think about the hair type & styling routine. Hair with different textures will need different ingredients to best treat it.

Color-treated hair : If your hair is bleached, colored, or permed, it will have extra wear and tear. Look for shampoo & conditioner made for color-treated hair.

Textured hair : Many people have thicker hair shafts than others. If this is the case for you, you may want to look for a stronger conditioner that will better heal and protect your hair.

Curly hair : Curly hair is prone to dryness & frizz. If your hair is curly then you will need diligent about spreading conditioner evenly over your head. Keep a wide-tooth comb in the shower, and run it through your hair after applying conditioner.

Is Over-Conditioning Your Hair Bad?

When you condition your hair a layer is formed along the hair shaft that gives you shine & makes your hair manageable & easy to brush through. But over conditioning can be bad for your hair.

This can weaken the efficacy of other products. It is because the layers block other products from penetrating through your hair shaft.

If you notice the following signs, you've probably over-conditioned your hair.

  1. Less volume and heavy hair
  2. Difficult to manage and style
  3. Hair sliding off from underpins every time you tie it up

Wrap Up

Hair conditioners nourish & replenish your hair to make them soft & shiny. You should purchase a conditioner that suits your hair type with pH levels ranging from 4.5-7. Over-conditioning your hair can be as bad as not conditioning it at all.