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Chamomile Oil

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Chamomile oil aids in treating depression, tension, and insomnia.
  • Origin: India
  • Botanical: Matricaria chamomilla
  • Family: Asteraceae
  • Extraction: Steam Distillation
  • Part: Flowers
  • Colour: Bluish to green liquid with a medium viscosity
    Product Details

    Chamomile Oils Manufacturer & Supplier

    We at AG Industries are the leading manufacturer and supplier of the Chamomile Oil. Chamomile Oil (botanical name Matricaria chamomilla) comes from Asteraceae family,which is further divided into two types-Roman and German Chamomile. The oil is unique and has a calming and soothing effect on the entire system of the body. The oil is known for its sweet and natural, straw-like aroma. Available inlight blue color with a watery viscosity, the oil has immense health benefits.It is mixed with other essential oils to prepare different massage oil types for comforting muscles.


    At AG industries, Chamomile oil is extracted from the fresh flowers of Chamomile plant. The extraction is done using steam distillation with the fresh Roman and German chamomile flowers yielding a good percentage. Our product is well-recognized and used by some of the leading brands across the world.


    Main : 4-methyl amyl angelate, isobutyl angelate, isoamyl tiglate

    Other : a-pinene, camphene, b-pinene, sabinene, myrcene, 1,8-cineole, y-terpinene, caryophyllene, and propyl angelate and butyl angelate.

    Uses of Chamomile Oil

    Chamomile has been in use since traditional times. It is used:
    Topical Uses
    • Fights Anxiety and Depression
    • Serves as a Natural Allergy Reliever
    • Helps Alleviate PMS Symptoms
    • Reduces Symptoms of Insomnia
    • Boosts Skin Health
    • Supports Digestive Health
    • Promotes Heart Health
    • May Relieve Arthritic Pain
    • Gentle Enough for Children
    • Has Anticancer Activity
    Everyday Uses
    • Use in moisturizer, shampoo, or conditioner to promote youthful-looking skin and hair
    • Herbal teas or hot drinks to soothe the body and mind
    • Apply to the bottom of the feet
    Popular Uses
    • Used as a mouthwash for dental abscesses and tonsillitis
    • Good for abdominal pain, gall bladder problems s well as for throat infections
    • Stimulates the liver and gall bladder
    • Used as an internal or external part of the body as perfume or cosmetic assistance
    • Effective on urinary stones
    • Blue chamomile oil is best for children when they colicky, feel irritable and impatient, etc.
    • Relieves allergies, hay fever and asthma for the skin
    • Has a calming effect on your whole body
    Applications Uses
    • Aromatherapy oil
    • Anti-bacterial balm
    • Baby oil
    • Beard oil
    • Cuticle conditioner
    • Hair oil
    • Fragrances
    • Makeup remover
    • Makeup brush cleaner
    • Repair cracked heels
    • Shaving cream
    • Derma
    • Deodorant
    • Infusion
    • Gel
    • Shampoo
    • Lotion
    • Soap

    Benefits of Chamomile Oil

    Due to its antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory nature, there are several health benefits of the oil:
    • Promotes Digestion: The oil helps in the secretion of bile, Hydro chloric acid, enzymes, and other digestive juices. It regulates the functions of the stomach and keeps the entire digestive system in control.
    • Treats Arthritis: It stops the accumulation of uric acid at one specific point and helps in, not only circulation but also a proper flow of the blood. It detoxifies blood from toxins and helps to treat diseases like rheumatism and arthritis.
    • Boosts Nervous System: It keeps the entire nervous system in a proper mode. It is mixed with other organic oils and used for giving a healthy massage, which leaves a calming effect. It helps in the reduction of stress, mood swings, and anxiety disorders.
    • Relieves Pain: It reduces the pain in muscles and joints. Application of the oil reduces severe headaches, sinuses, toothaches, and bone injuries. It also treats neuralgia by relieving pressure and working on the sciatic nerve being affected.
    • Beneficial for Cardiovascular Conditions: Chamomile Oil helps in maintaining and lowering high blood pressure. It prevents blood vessel constriction, lowering the risk of cardiovascular conditions like stroke and myocardial infarction.
    • Treats Sleeping Problems in Babies: The oil is mixed in equal quantity with baby oil and massaged, followed by a warm water bath, giving a calming effect on the child alongside inducing sleep.
    • Good for Skin: A few drops of this oil can be used to remove acne,scars,redness,inflammation,eczema,and blemishes from the skin.It strengthens and repairs the skin making it look moisturized, regenerated, and refreshing. It also helps in removing dark circles, which hamper the beauty of the eyes.
    • Healthy for hair: Chamomile Oil reduces dandruff. When mixed with other organic oils and applied on hair, it gives a bright shine and luster to the hair. It enriches hair color by acting as a highlighter when mixed with henna.
    Primary Benefits
    • Calms the body
    • Soothes the skin
    • Supports healthy immune system function

    Where to buy Chamomile Oil?

    Chamomile oil is native to Western Europe, India, and western Asia. It is used in the cosmetics & pharmaceutical industry. It is in light blue. AG Industries is the leading manufacturer & supplier of Chamomile Oil. It has extreme shelf-life stability. It is repellent to high temperatures. The Chamomile essential oil has different uses and the application depends on the usages. Most commonly Chamomile oil is used in skincare & in oil burners as a calming fragrance. Dilute the essential oils with a carrier oil for the best results as they are very concentrated. Carrier oil mix well with essential oils and helps take them within the skin. AG Industries is one of the leading wholesale suppliers of Chamomile essential oil. We assure you that all our products adhere to the highest criteria of safety and quality. We offer the natural & organic forms of essential oils to our customers. Our products are free from all chemicals, additives, & fillers. They also do not carry any artificial colors, preservatives, and fragrances. You should dilute essential oil before using it for topical application as it is highly concentrated. We employ various tests and quality checks to assure that only premium-quality and effective oils reach our clients. The highest quality and packaging norms are employed to deliver excellent results on usage. We sell Chamomile oil in bulk with fast delivery and complete customer support. Our company assures that you will not regret choosing us!
    • Keep away from children.
    • If pregnant or nursing, consult your doctor.
    • Avoid contact with eyes, inner ears, and sensitive areas.
    Disclaimer : The information provided is general and you must take medical advice before using this product. A.G Industries or associated business entities don't guarantee the accuracy of the information. Please consult your doctor, especially if being used during pregnancy or any allergy, health issues.
    Chamomile oil contains good oleic acid & low ratio of linoleic acid. It makes the skin to breathe if applied topically. It helps unclog pores, prevents breakouts, and premature signs of aging. When the demand is high, price increases. It grows in some parts of Europe. It used for skin whitening. When you use it regularly it reverses the effects of tan & lightens the complexion. It helps in fading spots, eliminate acne scars & fight breakouts. It has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. Chamomile tea is full of antioxidants & protects the skin from free-radical damage. Chamomile has soothing qualities like sedative, mild analgesic, and sleep medication.
    Botanical Name : Matricaria chamomilla
    Parts Used : Flowers
    Color & Odor : Pale yellow @ specific, fruity, of Roman chamomile
    Methods of Extraction : Steam Distillation
    Constituents : Butylates and angelates
    Specific Gravity : 0.910 – 0.952@ 25°C
    Acid index : not more than 8 mg KOH/g oil
    Optical Rotation : -2º to +3º @ 20°C
    Flash Point : 279.00 °F. TCC ( 137.22 °C)
    Boiling Point : Above 180 ï‚°C with decomposition
    Refractive Index : 1.459-1.470 @ 20.00 °C
    Density : 0.902 g/mL at 25 °C(lit.)
    Shelf Life : Two years
    Solubility : Insoluble in Water
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    Chamomile Oil